Things You Should Know About Your Child Before a Custody Hearing or Evaluation

May 30, 2009 · 0 comments

Whether you are meeting with a state evaluator or answering questions in a court setting, it is a sure thing that you will be asked very specific questions about your child in an effort to determine how ingrained you are within their lives. Ensure that you can answer the following questions without hesitation:

Child’s stage of development
This should include the child’s age, birth date and grade level. Make sure that you have these down cold.

Child’s special needs (and a plan to provide for them)
If you child has any special needs you should know what they are an also have a plan on how to accommodate these needs. This can be for large issues such as emotional and physical problems or smaller issues such as allergies.

Name of child care provider and child care schedules
If your child is in a daycare situation are getting cared for after school ensure that you are aware of who is responsible for him/her, where they are cared for and all of the contact information.

Child’s clothes and shoe sizes
This is a given but don’t let it slip by you. Shoe sizes, pant sizes and shirt sizes are all necessary. You should also be able to be specific about how long they have been wearing that size, or have a specific tidbit of information regarding a certain garment. An example would be: “Well Suzy wears an 8 for most pants, but I have found that a size 7 regular fit her better when it comes to blue jeans”.

Names of pediatrician and dentist
Know where your child’s dentist is and where there pediatrician is.

Name of teacher and favorite subjects in school
Know the child’s teacher’s first and last names. Know what subjects the children enjoy and which subjects they do not.

Name of the principal
Know the name of the principal at your child’s school. If there is a vice-principal know their name as well.

Names of the child’s best friends
Who do your children play with? What are their parent’s names?

Child’s extracurricular activities
What does your child do after school? What days do they do these activities and at what time?

Child’s favorite books, games, and colors
What books have kids read lately? What books are they reading in school? Did you help them with a book report? How did they do?

What have you encountered in court? Do you have any questions to share with us? Let us know within the comments of this post.

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