Child Custody Hearing Continues Centered on Racisim in the Home

May 30, 2009 · 0 comments

In March of 2008 authorities in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada took two children into custody after one of the children came to school with neo-Nazi symbols drawn on her body.

The children, ages 8 and 3 had been living with their mother and her new husband before they were taken into custody. When Manitoba Child and Family Services case workers went to the families apartment they found neo-Nazi symbols and flags displayed on the walls.

The Manitoba Child and Family Services Agency is concerned about the “psychological impact upon the children stemming from the parents’ acute hatred for other people” according to the head social worker for this case.

The stepfather has filed a Canadian Constitutional challenge citing that the actions of the state go against his right to free speech. A trial has been set for late June when arguments will be made.

The mother and the step-father are also accused of failing to provide adequate care for the children. Lawyers and Canadian social workers have earlier testified about problems with drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and mental health issues. The older child had been reported as missing school frequently due to the fact that no one would wake her up in the morning. There are other allegations stating the the younger child would be left in a soiled diaper for long periods of time.

The biological father is now also looking to gain custody of the children. The children’s step-father is against this.

What are your thoughts on this? There are obviously many negative issues impacting the well being of both of the children in this home but it seems that the racist element is being focused on. Should the beliefs of the parents be taken into account when a court determines what is in the best interest of a child? What about when both parents have the same beliefs?

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